Clear Your Car Of Ice & Snow Before Driving

When parking your car outside, snow and ice can accumulate on the body and windows. If you drive without clearing your car entirely from snow and ice, you will have reduced visibility. Also, if you reach higher driving speeds with your vehicle still covered, a chunk of ice can come loose and cause harm to other motorists on the road.

Maintain A Safe Distance From Traffic Ahead

An excellent tip to remain safe when driving in winter is to keep a safe distance from the traffic ahead, which is essential as your vehicle will have a longer stopping distance than what you are used to during the summer months.

Stay Calm & Don't Slam On The Brakes

A quick response can be beneficial when you have traction, but any sudden jerk or braking can send your vehicle out of control when driving on slippery roads. When you need to stop quickly, pumping the brakes is an excellent way to reduce braking distances, but if your vehicle is equipped with ABS, it will rapidly pump the brakes for you. In a situation where you are pressing the brakes through a corner, and your vehicle begins to slide, you will want to let off the brakes slowly and steer towards the direction that you wish to go.

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If your vehicle is due for maintenance or repairs, Contact Us to bring in your vehicle to get it ready for the upcoming winter months. We can also install your winter tires, replace your windshield wipers, and perform any preventive maintenance needed to help you avoid mishaps during winter.


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