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Benefits of Financing and Leasing

At Chudds Chrysler, we take pride in providing our customers with top automotive services. Whether you're in Winnipeg Beach, Winnipeg, or Selkirk, you'll find our dealership in Gimli, Manitoba, conveniently located and easy to reach. Among our wide range of services, we offer competitive leasing and flexible financing plans.

Is Leasing Better for Me?

Leasing allows you to drive a new car every two to three years. If you want to be able to experience new cars and the latest safety and technology features that arise every few years, then leasing is for you. Things to keep in mind include the limitations on the mileage that comes with leasing and being able to properly maintain the vehicle. You'll need to have a pretty good credit history to be able to benefit from leasing and the lower monthly payments it comes with.

Is Financing Better for Me?

Choosing to finance a car has a major benefit: ownership. If you make all your monthly payments until the end of your financing term, the vehicle becomes yours, and you get to drive it payment-free. If you want to build up equity, have no limits on mileage, own your car for a long time, and be able to freely make customizations and modifications to the vehicle, then financing is for you. You will have to consider the costs of maintenance after the warranty expires and deal with slightly higher monthly payments until the end of the financing term.

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