At Chudd's Chrysler we want to provide you with all your towing needs making it easy as possible to understand and learn the      basics of towing.  Helping you get all the information you need to make a well informed decision, when purchasing your Ram Truck from Chudd's Chrysler servicing Winnipeg, Selkirk, and the Interlake Area for 79 years.
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Before You Buy

#1 How much truck do you need?

Capability is the key. Whether you're towing five tons or fifteen, there's a Ram truck that meets your needs and then some. So before you head out to the dealership, it's important to know how much capability is right for you.

Ram 2500 - 3/4 view

Light duty

Don't let the term "light duty" fool you - a Ram 1500 can handle quite a bit. It offers the perfect combination of power and efficiency. If you'll be towing boats, ATVs or trailers, this is the truck for you.

Heavy duty

Generally speaking, a heavy-duty truck is best suited for towing construction equipment and other heavy commercial loads. But if your recreational towing needs include a horse trailer or an RV, you too may need the extra capability of a Ram 2500 or 3500. 

Best-in-class towing badge 1,900lbs max         10,650lbs max         7,390lbs max        30,000lbs max

                       Payload                 Towing                       Payload                 Towing


#2 - What does everything weigh?

Knowing your Gross Combined Vehicle Weight (GCVW) will give you an idea of how much capability you'll need. You've got to account for each piece of the puzzle - passengers, cargo and everything in tow. Add up those weights to find your GCVW.

curb weight+ cargo weight+ passenger weight+ trailer cargo+ trailer weight+
GCVW equation
gross vehicle weight (gvw)+
gross trailer weight (gtw)+
  • gvw (gross vehicle weight)

    The total weight of a fully loaded vehicle, including passengers and payload - but excluding all towing.

  • gtw (gross trailer weight)

    The total weight of the trailer plus all the cargo in it.

  • gcvw (gross combined vehicle weight)

    The total combined weight of a fully loaded vehicle, including passengers, payload and everything in tow.

# 3 Max payload or Max towing?

One thing that often surprises first-time truck buyers is that towing and payload weights affect each other. If you're carrying a heavy payload, make sure to lighten your trailer weight and vice versa.Profile view of truck and trailer

#4 Which features affect towing?

The way your truck is built affects what it can do. Features like cab size, box length, wheel drive and transmission all influence how much your truck can tow and haul.

#5 How do you choose
an axle ratio?+

Finding your ideal axle ratio will be a compromise. In general, a higher axle ratio offers more towing power and quicker acceleration, while a lower axle ratio offers better engine efficiency and quieter vehicle operation. Ram trucks come in a variety of axle ratios. Find the balance of power and efficiency that works best for you.

Axle ratio scale