Feel Secure in the Jeep Compass

At Chudd's Chrysler Ltd., we're pleased to carry vehicles that keep drivers safe. The Jeep Compass falls into that category; equipped with an array of smart safety features, this popular compact SUV gives you confidence on the road.

Every Compass comes standard with a rear-view camera; it displays a live video feed of the space behind your car on the dashboard display, so you always know what's behind you. Plus, with the on-video grid, it's easy to judge the distance to other objects.

Do you drive in heavy traffic in and around Gimli? The Compass' available adaptive cruise control is a must. All you need to do is pick the following distance you want; the system adjusts your speed to maintain that gap with the car in front of you. Find out how that reduces the chance of sudden stops by coming in to see us for a test drive.


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