Keep Your Exhaust in Good Order to Keep Your Passengers in Good Health

The engine on your car emits poisonous gases when it's running. The exhaust system pulls these gases out of the engine and directs them away from the car. If any part of a car's exhaust system isn't working properly, those gases could get inside the car and make the driver and passengers sick. Let's look at some signs your car's exhaust system needs attention.

Listen for a hissing or popping sound coming from the engine when it's running. This could be from a leak around the exhaust manifold. If you hear hissing from the tailpipe, there could be a restriction in the exhaust system. Small engine leaks often start around the exhaust manifold. A rusty exhaust can give off an unusual vibration when you're driving down the road.

If you see, hear, or notice any of these signs, it's important to your vehicle to the service department here at Chudd's Chrysler Ltd.



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