Chrysler Pacifica Safety Features

If you don't know how to park properly in locations that have perpendicular or parallel parking spots, you'll benefit from owning a Pacifica. When you encounter these parking areas while driving this vehicle, you can take advantage of its convenient parking assist tool.

The Chrysler Pacifica is easy to park in perpendicular and parallel parking areas because it has an advanced guidance system. While using this system, you'll never have to worry about accidentally bumping another car that's parked by a perpendicular or parallel space as the technology will detect everything. If it senses a problem, it will alert so that you can make proper adjustments to avoid a collision. When it's time to exit a parking space, Chrysler's Rear Cross Path Detection will make the process of backing up very convenient.

At Chudd's Chrysler Ltd., our staff cares about customer service, so we set up test drives in the Chrysler Pacifica to give potential buyers opportunities to use standard safety systems. We proudly work with consumers throughout Gimli and surroundings areas.



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