Hill Control in the Jeep Compass

Tackle steep hills and menacing slopes with the new Jeep Compass. This popular compact SUV is made for taking on rough terrain. It's available at Chudd's Chrysler Ltd. with Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist.

The Hill Start Assist system can benefit drivers in Gimli. It's designed to prevent the vehicle from rolling back whenever you have stopped an incline. While holding the brake pedal keeps the vehicle stationary, the switch to the acceleration pedal can cause some issues. Hill Start Assist holds the brakes for you. It'll keep the SUV still until you hit the gas and start moving again.

Hill Descent Control can provide you with assistance as you go down a hill. Typically, you would have to ride the brake pedal to control your speed. However, in the Jeep Compass, all of that work is taken care of for you. It monitors your throttle, speed, and braking to make sure that you don't fly down the hill.



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