Best 5 tips for buying a New car

Best 5 Tips for Buying a New Car

 Buying a new car can come with an emotional package: anxiety and excitement. Between keeping up to counter steps like planning, safety features, interest rates and the overall cost of the car, it can get overwhelming real quick. This guide will provide the essential pointers and tips you can refer to when looking to buy a new car

1. Plan and Find the Right Car

Buying a new car should suit your budget. Go for a vehicle within your range of affordability. Before settling, factors such as insurance schemes, fuel efficiency, taxes, and depreciation value should be considered. Find a car that suits your needs by researching on websites, dealerships and 3rd party listings.

2. Pay Attention to the Total Price

The buyer should focus on the total price of the vehicle and not the subsequent instalments/payment. Instalment buying is usually prone to price over inflation. After analyzing the vehicle's overall cost, it is common for most buyers to realize how much of a hefty price tag they are getting.

3. Pay Attention to the Safety Features

It can't be emphasized enough how safety features should be one of the highest priorities. Luxurious and entertainment features are all good, but with the dawn of new advanced driver assist systems and safety features, more buyers are encouraged to prioritize their safety. Explore our range of new inventory, accessories and colour options.


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4. Watch Out for Interest Rates and Monthly Subscriptions

Focusing on periodic payments obscures one from the elephant in the room, the total interest your car loan will attract. Higher rate loans are discouraged as they attract more interest.

The buyer should avoid getting lured into packages and features that demand monthly payments unless they are essential. The cumulative expenses from such features could significantly raise the car expenses.

5. Inquire About Rebates

Rebates are generally deductions from a paid amount; they're usually incentivizing buyers to pay in cash or encouraging the purchase of electric vehicles. Inquiring about rebates is beneficial as one may find it considerably cheaper than the financing rate the agreement was willing to give out.

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